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Welcome to the Frankton Parish Council website 

What does Frankton Parish council do?
Frankton is a small village and Frankton Parish Council has very limited resources at its disposal, most of which goes on the normal annual expenditure. In Frankton the parish council is responsible for the street lighting but is also your local link to Rugby Borough Council and Warwickshire County Council.  Those authorities have the responsibility for much of the rest that affects residents, for example highways, so if there is an urgent problem you should contact them direct: 01926 412515

Frankton Parish Council is consulted on all planning matters within the parish. If there is anything you wish to raise with Frankton Parish Council please see the ‘Contact’ page. There is a public forum space at every parish council meeting.

How do I find out about meetings and what has happened at them?

Look at the ‘Notice Board’ page where the notice of meetings, agenda and minutes of meetings will be posted.